Pictures 4 Progress

Case Study: Pictures 4 Progress Logo Design

Pictures 4 Progress, a Santa Monica-based company, is a modern-day marketplace for photography where proceeds from the sale of each image go to a charity that strives to make the world a better place.

The client wanted to incorporate photography and charity symbolism, and was drawn to the lotus flower as a symbol of life, peace, and harmony. They also wanted to explore the use of typography for a lettermark design. P4P_Styles
After rotating, and rearranging the “P4P,” the lettermark wasn’t going to be an easy or effective solution. When the “P” is reversed it looks like a lowercase “q,” and when the letters are combined, it makes the lettermark more difficult to decode visually.

PrintA variety of graphic flower designs were explored to meet the client’s request.P4P_LotusMstr_v01
Several designs were stronger than others. The client took their time to sit with each idea and then we began playing with color. Purple was an overall favorite choice.

The final outcome was completed in 3 weeks and can be seen in use here.P4P_Finals




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