Ganja Designs

Ganja Designs is Venice based design company specializing in marketing and design for the medicinal cannabis industry. This ongoing design project has been fun to work on because it provides an opportunity to try out new approaches to design and marketing. Below are several projects that have been completed showcasing their branding, marketing materials, and their new logo.

This design and marketing company wanted to incorporate the cannabis plant in their logo but didn’t want the stereotypical green leaf – they wanted something memorable and eye-catching. The color red and the leaf graphic combine to make a strong visual and emotional impact. The larger sized “Ganja” is an earthy brown color, while the deep green “DESIGNS” symbolizes growth.

A sketchbook page showing part of the creative process for designing the Ganja Designs logo.



Sticker Design
Identity branding and collateral design: Vertical pocket folder


Custom Brochure/Mailer Design: Pull-out tab and insert, double sided – front and back.
Product Labels: Custom herbal label designs.
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