I am a Marine Corps veteran and native Californian artist and graphic designer based in Venice, CA. While hiking across Northern Spain in 2002, I realized I was an artist, and in a few years, I transitioned from working a desk job to full-time artist. After several years as a gallery represented artist, I decided it was time to find myself, so I sold everything and spent one year living in the Peruvian Amazon. Soon after this transformative journey, I became a father and stay-at-home dad. These experiences changed the way I see the world, and I’d like to share my new outlook through the artwork I create. I’m now working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from OTIS College of Art and Design. I enjoy finding creative design solutions for both print and web. I work with acrylic on canvas, pen and ink, and digital media to create visually compelling images that inspire and uplift, and hopefully make the world a better place.

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Into the Amazon in Search of Truth, by Joel Harris
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